When the lamp tells you that it has a weak signal, then know that something is happening. Some time ago I decided to buy a WiFi amplifier. As I also like to test devices, I focused on the Xiaomi WiFi amplifier with the note Pro. In this review I will describe my experience of working with this device.
Mi WiFi Extender Pro is another Xiaomi WiFi amplifier after the fairly well-rated Mi WiFi Extender 2. The task of this device is to strengthen the WiFi signal if the router we have does not cover, for example, the entire apartment. I had problems with coverage in the bedroom. Some devices called for better coverage, so something had to be done.

First impression

The amplifier looks professional. Xiaomi has departed from the idea of ​​\ uXNUMXb \ uXNUMXbthe amplifier as a USB "stick". Now we have a device that we plug directly into Sockets. Of course, we need an adapter for this, because plug is chinese.

Xiaomi WiFi repeater

Amplifier WiFi Xiaomi is made of good quality plastic and has a black color. On both sides of the device you will find built-in antennas that can be freely positioned. There is a light on the front informing us about the status of the device. The Xiaomi reset hole has been hidden at the bottom of the device. They could have thought it better though, because it's hard to get to.

Xiaomi WiFi amplifier - possibilities

It is worth paying attention to the fact that despite the note "Pro", the amplifier supports only network 2,4 Ghz. If you want to extend the range of the 5 GHz network, I have bad news for you. Accordingly, the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier does not support the speed of 300 Mbps. With its capabilities, you'll achieve speeds of around 20-30 Mbps.

Xiaomi application

As it happens with Xiaomi products, evaporation luckily it is quite simple. We search for a device from the list and add it to our home. After plugging it into the socket, the screen shows whether the amplifier has a good or weak signal. Based on this, you can determine if the place where you have placed it is appropriate.

Besides, we can turn on the WiFi roaming option. Thanks to it, the amplifier advertises itself under the same name as router. Thanks to this, when walking around the house or apartment, we will automatically switch between one and the other device. Comfortable.

In the application, we can still check the list of devices connected to the amplifier along with their IP addresses.

An amplifier every day

Did the amplifier solve my problems? Yes. I have a lot of devices at home Smart Homeso WiFi coverage is important to me. After mounting the amplifier, I noticed a real increase in range. Philips lamp she stopped demanding better coverage. From 24% signal strength jumped to 86%.

Finally, I can finally work in the bedroom. Until now, this was a problem, especially with video conferencing. Now I do not have this problem, because the device provides me with stable internet at around 20 mbps. Earlier it was about 10 mbps and sometimes the video conference was interrupted.

You can attach up to 64 devices to this amplifier, although Xiaomi recommends a maximum of 24 (in total, it is not known why they mention these 64 ...). I have 3 to 5 of them there, so I definitely catch myself in this range.

Differences WiFi Pro Amplifier vs 2

What is the difference between the Pro amplifier and the second version? Virtually both range and signal strength are identical. Even despite the use of super antennas. The amplifier of the second version can connect up to 16 devices to each other, and the Pro 64 allegedly. In addition, the Pro updates itself.


Is it worth buying this amplifier? I think so, but from the Pro version I would really expect 5 GHz ... The Pro amplifier is very similar in terms of performance to version 2 which is cheaper. So if you don't want to overpay, get version 2. However, if you have a lot of devices or you just like the Pro design, get this model. Both will meet the requirements.

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