The idea for this article has been following me for some time. As I sat and fought another switch, the question arose: how many companies make up Xiaomi? Because if you think that only Xiaomi, then you are wrong. There are really over 130 of them! I didn't even expect this number myself.

And do you know which companies are affiliated within MiOT? MiOT is the Xiaomi ecosystem that brings together all the companies of this brand. Xiaomi is very fond of investing in startups, which is why many brands are associated with it. They even have their own crowdfunding platform - YouPin, which you have read about in SmartMe more than once.

In this article, I will introduce you to those companies that are related to the ecosystem of the Chinese brand and operate in the broadly understood area Smart Home. While reading this article, take a small quiz and write in the commentary about how many of them you knew.

There are so many of them that I divided them into two parts.


Mijia - The main company Xiaomi creating Smart devices Home. Produces sensors, gateway, and even vacuum cleaners. If you are interested in things from the smart home area, you just have to associate this logo and application We Home.


Yunmai - also produces Smart Home products as well smart scales, of which it is best known.


Viomi - This company builds water related solutions. Faucet filters, bottle filters, everything you need for tap water to be good.


iCHUNMi - a producer of kitchen appliances, which unfortunately we will not meet outside China. And we would love to test its products!


WURO - another company that produces Smart Home equipment, such as sensors or sensors. However, its products are not available on our market.


Roborock - this company does not need to be introduced to anyone. A famous manufacturer of Chinese vacuum cleaning robots. At SmartMe, we already had the opportunity to test their two robots - S5 and S6.


SmartMi - Producer Xiaomi related to health products, but not only. We have written about their products more than once, incl. radiators and humidifier. SmartMi produces a lot of different types of equipment.


LUMi - Another company that produces sensors and sensors (😉). However, we will not find it in Polish homes either.


Soocare - a company that produces smart brushes. We can find them, among others in Mi Store stores in large shopping malls.


Oclean - It is a brand of intelligent toothbrushes. At SmartMe, we had the opportunity to test two copies Oclean x i Oclean One.

Are you missing any known companies? Do not worry! Later this week I prepared the second part of the article, which will describe the other brands.

Well now the quiz result. I got 7 out of 10 points, which is pretty good. And what was your result? 😉

Source and photos: Xiaomi

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