Aqara is constantly expanding the range of its products, and recently a new product has joined them, being a direct competitor of the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3, which has been on the market for a while. How are blinds similar to each other and how do they differ? Check it out!

I always think everything should be wireless. I hate cables and I try to eliminate them from wherever I can. Wireless chargers, sensors, console pads. This, which once seemed impossible to achieve, today is everyday life. Unfortunately, sometimes we are limited by the technology of our time. And so it was in the case of my external blinds. This is the type of equipment I used to include a dishwasher, i.e. I never had, never needed, but if someone tried to take this equipment from me, I would bite ??.

I am glad that I can leave at night blinds down and have total darkness. When I'm leaving somewhere and blinds I give it down, To level security of my house definitely growing. There is only one tiny, tiny problem. Every time I have to go from window to window and Press button. ROleta slowly descends, without haste, and I am waiting ... 

I was looking for some kind of automation and found one! And two at once! Some time ago Fibaro released Fibaro Roller Shutter 3. A very nice device that connects to the application and allows you to control the blinds remotely. Exactly that, czegao I want, with only one deficiency - there is no support for yet HomeKit. I asked several times but they still didn't know so I kept on waiting. And here it comes - Xiaomi Relay. The functionality is the same, the price is much lower and it has HomeKit! It's just a strange, square look, and Fibaro jest semicircular and shows how it can enter our can. Well, I took a chance, bought and checked.

First impression

Aqara Relay appeareda after a few weeks. I opened I and that terrible thought crossed my mind - will not go into the can (standard they have a diameter of 60mm). Relay measures 49,3mm x 46,0mm x 24,0mm. So you have to try who does not risk, this one is not there.

It's much simpler with Fibaro, you can buy it in a really large number of stores, whether stationary or online. Its dimensions are 42,5mm x 38,3mm x 20,3mm. It is therefore much smaller than Aqary Relay.

Both products do not belong both to the most beautiful, but neither do they have to be, because they will be hidden all the time. Fibaro is smaller, which is definitely a plus.

For the curious, this black frendzel is an ☺ antenna

Installation of blinds

You are electricians? It's great, you can act. You are not electricians? Then call one. In the case of these devices, we already deal with electricity, connection drawings and the risk of harming ourselves. Therefore, the connection itself will not be discussed here. To each of these rolet you will find connection diagrams, that the electrician can handle. Let him take some cable with him, because more is needed.

And here we come to the first battle that Fibaro definitely wins, leaving Xiaomi far behind. Aqara does not fit into a can, and it is deepened. Is Designated for Chinese, i.e. square cans, a  group of people who have such, is rather negligible. It can be connected without a problem, but everything will hang like this, as in the picture below. It remains therefore to buy larger cans and forging in the wall. In my case, the round 70 mm worked, but you had to forge and involve a friendly builder.


Both devices are connected to their main applications - MiHome or Fibaro. In each of the applications we can do the basic Automations, that is:

  1. Lowering / raising blinds directly, 
  2. lowering/ raising blinds depending on the time,
  3. lowering/ raising blinds depending on our location,
  4. trigger leaving/ raising blinds with other sensors, e.g. opening the front door.

So we have a draw. Aqara has HomeKit support, and Fibaro not. This means that in the case of Aqara we can run the application Home and in this way control the blinds. This is much faster and more convenient than previous applications. For iI recommend Aqara for phones, and both brands for Android.


Each of these devices requires its own goal: Aqara - Aqary Hub, and Fibaro - Fibaro Smart Center 2 or Fibaro Smart Center Lite. I will not describe the pros and cons of the goals themselves, but I will focus on it, which is important from the perspective of buying a roller shutter system, i.e. on costs. Aqara costs about PLN 100, and Fibaro is a minimum of PLN 1000. Aqara wins.

Daily use of blinds

Automatic roller shutter control changed my life - really! ?? Now I do not have to walk around the apartment in the morning and evening, I have no problem with standing up (I set up the blinds so that they run before my wake up call). So I found nothing in terms of the everyday use of roller shutters, what could you fault Draw for both brands.

Summary, can the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 do it?

So who won? Tough question. On the one hand, Aqara is much cheaper and has HomeKit support, but on the other hand, using Fibaro, you don't have to start the hammer drill. The answer then is "depends", so see who wins in the following criteria:

  1. Are you in love with your iPhone and use the Home app for everything? - Aqara.
  2. You do not care, what application are you operating in, you have a bigger budget and you want to have a stable blind system? - Fibaro.
  3. Are you in a hurry? Wait. Maybe Fibaro will add HomeKit or Aqara will release a product adapted to European cans. AND in this way the problem will solve itself

buy now

Please feel free to purchase the product on the sites listed below ...

x-com Aqara T1 x-com Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 Fibaro Roller Shutter 3

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12 thoughts on "Aqara Relay vs Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 - a roller blind duel!"

  1. GG pisze:

    I wonder how "android people" can control the blind depending on our position? Unless it's about lying on the couch or bed and controlling it with the app.

  2. Philip pisze:

    I have read your article with great interest and would be very grateful if you answered my question.

    After i put aqara relay into homekit, can i remove it from aqara application without removing it from homekit?

    My goal is:

    As a gateway, I would like to buy the Aqara g2h camera, but I did not want to initially log into the aqara application / servers, but configure it immediately in homekit.

    Now when I need not only a camera, but a gateway for aqara relay, do I need to have all devices connected to the Aqara application and logged in to Chinese servers so that I can only use Aqara Relay and the Camera with Homekit?

    The above question also applies to Aqara switch wall switches.

    Generally, in order to use Aqara devices by Homekit, you need to have them entered in the Aqara application and logged into their servers?

    I would be extremely grateful for an answer.



    1. SmartMe pisze:

      You can simply add it directly to HomeKit from the QR code 🙂 As for the switches, it's not that simple anymore, because you have to pair them first, and HomeKit won't do it. For this you need the Aqara App or Mi Home

      1. Philip pisze:

        Thanks for the answer.

        One more solution comes to mind.

        Is it possible to add a camera to Homekit and use it only as a gate in the Aqara application, without sending image and sound to the aqara servers?

        1. SmartMe pisze:

          I don't think it can be hard.

  3. Rafal Kalicinski pisze:

    Hi, I bought the Aqara M1S gate and a two-channel relay from this post. Unfortunately, in the Mi Home application it shows that this relay is not compatible with M1S and in the Aqara Home application it is not even on the list of devices. Could you please check with yourself if you will be able to pair this relay with M1S?

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