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Tripp is a nice trip... Unusual meditation in VR

Ariel Z Meditation is an activity that I cannot permanently implement in my life. Even if I manage to sit down and meditate once or twice in the morning, I have... [read on]
Apple HomeKit

My first Purifier with Thread! Here is the AIRVERSA AP2!

Ariel Z At last! The first product from Thread came to my humble threshold, and I can show you the first air purifier that connected to my home - simply. Without entering passwords,... [read on]

Oclean XS - Review of the new leader of sonic toothbrushes

Ariel Z How many Oclean sonic toothbrushes have I had at home? Oh they've been through a lot. For almost three years, I've been seeing more brushes from this manufacturer in my bathroom and... [read on]
Tenda tx2 pro

Tenda TX2 Pro - a very good and ingenious router that needs a little refinement

Ariel Z Tenda is a brand of routers that I have known for years, but which has never appeared on my desk. However, thanks to SmartMe, this is changing and I have the opportunity... [read on]

Underworld Overlord on Vive VR - Vive Flow

Ariel Z Are HTC Vive Flow goggles suitable for gaming? Today I decided to check it out on Underworld Overlord! How do you play tower defense in VR with your phone as a controller?! Sounded like... [read on]
Virtual reality columns

Virtual meeting, virtual meeting is not equal. Will VR catch on in business?

Ariel Z Will VR catch on in business? I keep asking myself this question and correcting myself that I should ask when, not whether. It was similar with computers, mobile phones and ... [read on]

The most important VR premiere at the beginning of this year! Meet the Vive XR Elite

Ariel Z

Virtual meeting, virtual meeting is not equal. Will VR catch on in business?

Ariel Z

Welcome to Viveverse, which means I'm going to the VR world for six months!

Ariel Z
htc vivo

HTC VIVE Flow - unearthly glasses for virtual reality

Krzysztof S.

The latest from the world of Smart - podcast, video - welcome!

Guides Lifestyle

Spring has come! So you have to put something on your hand!

Ariel Z Here she is! The long-awaited, almost warm (;)) spring! Outside the window, the sun, almost cloudless sky and a solid spring temperature of 4 degrees ;) But the low temperature will not scare you and with the recent... [read on]

Which monitor for Home Office do I recommend?

Ariel Z There are some things in life that, once tried, we will never imagine life without them. One such thing is a remote work monitor. Working on a small laptop has... [read on]

Which headphones for Home Office?

Ariel Z Recently, I was preparing webinars in which I talked about which headphones are suitable for working with Home Office and which are not. In today's article, I will summarize what I was talking about and what... [read on]

With Smartwatch in Africa! Unusual suggestions why a watch is a must on the go!

Ariel Z I am going to Africa for the first time in my life. After Europe, North America and Asia, it's time for a new continent, the heart of the world - Africa. And as the next trip is approaching, you can... [read on]

HomePod is not everything! Time for Audio Equipment!

Ariel Z A few days ago Apple showed its new / old HomePod. I own four Minis alone at home and look forward to the day when their full-sized brothers will join them. But the audio world... [read on]
Column of the week columns

Smart home appliances, what should it be like in the future?

Ariel Z More devices become Smart. The world of household appliances is also intertwined with IoT and gives us more and more interesting products. And what should such smart household appliances of the future look like in my opinion? In my house... [read on]

Xbox Series X - A new console for the new year?

Ariel Z It's time for another console post! I'm just finishing The Last of Us - Part 1 and I'm getting drawn into the world of console games again. Consoles like Playstation or Xbox are simply extremely... [read on]

There is no smartphone in this country for people with my education

Julian D. Maybe provocatively in the title, but it has nothing to do with education. Nor with the series from which this memorable text comes. However, the current stagnation on the mobile phone market is undoubtedly... [read on]

Start the new year with iPhone in hand

Ariel Z The day is approaching, which on the one hand I am waiting for, and on the other which I am afraid of. It's time to replace my iPhone ;) On average, I replace my phone with a new one every two years and it's time to say goodbye to 12 and... [read on]

Dear Santa, I want a TV for Christmas. Just make it big!

Ariel Z Do you remember your first TV sets? It seems to me that everyone has in the back of their mind what their first TV was like. Years and even decades go by, and we still... [read on]

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